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A 5K OLED Cinematic Experience with the Sound to Match on Dolby Digital 5.1 Headphone


2560 x 1440 x 2

Cinera Edge is the world’s highest resolution all-in-one HMD

3515 PPI

Cinera Edge’s screen packs 2.5K pixels into a 0.8’’(2cm) area, giving it seven times more pixels than the iPhone 11 Pro’s display

500,000 : 1

Cinera Edge screen’s OLED technology delivers ultra high contrast ratio,  so it can display more details at high dynamic scenes


Revolutionary Home Cinema

Cinera features dual next-gen 2560x1440 micro OLEDs, offering incredible vivid images, high contrast ratio, and crispy details. If that wasn’t enough, it also doubles up as a native 3D display with no modification needed.



True Immersive

Cinera Edge makes you feel like you’re in the movie!


             66° Wide, 1200’’ Diagonally

Cinera Edge screen is as large as 1200’’ from 20m distance, wider than the 54° screens in most cinemas, and almost as wide as IMAX®’s signature 70° screen

38 PPD

It is the only HMD that can achieve both a wide FOV and satisfy the PPD (Pixel per Degree) standard for movie theaters

No Latticing

Cinera Edge doesn’t have the latticing issues that affect low-resolution HMDs



Flawlessly decode the high-quality soundtracks from Blu-rays and video streaming websites

                5.1Ch Surround Sound

With four speaker units at both sides, Cinera simulates cinematic 5.1 surround sound at your ears.

Enhanced for Movies

Cinera Edge’s audio is fine tuned to deliver clear dialog, high spatial accuracy, and more bass.


Cinematic Sound

Cinera Edge is also a certified Dolby Digital headphone with a 5.1 surround sound configuration that brings movies to life.



Compact and Comfortable

Cinera Edge’s smart ergonomically designed body balances the weight to its sides, taking the pressure off the front for a comfortable long use experience.

                  Android EcoSystem

Running a full Android OS, Cinera Edge supports almost all the content apps around the world

                 Micro SD

With its easily increased storage, you will never run out of room for content


Cinera Edge also has an HDCP supported HDMI 2.0b port, letting you upgrade your Blu-ray, gaming console, or drone experience instantly

micro SD.png


Convenient and Compatible

With a built-in Android OS, Cinera Edge is as easy to use as your mobile phone. You can instantly stream from content services like Netflix or HBO through Wi-Fi, or play local content using a USB drive or SD card. Cinera Edge’s touchpad on the right-hand side allows you to swipe through the menus quickly.


​Get it now!

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