Cinera Edge Pro

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      Cinera Edge 5K HMD with Dolby Digital Headphone

      Product Details

      HDMI 2.0b

      Cinera Edge also has an HDCP-supported HDMI 2.0b port. It is a shout out for an upgraded Blu-ray, gaming console, or drone experience.

      Cinera Edge 

      Android Ecosystem

      Running on a full Android OS, Cinera Edge supports most content apps.

      Cinera Edge Pro

      Operation Instructions

      Diopter adjustment

      Inter pupil adjustment

      3D/Screen scaling


      Back (short press)
      Home (long press)

      Touch Panel Control 
      (short press)

      Menu (long press)


      Scroll left/right

      Move the cursor

      Left click on the mouse

      Scroll up/down

      Mouse Mode

      Volume +/-

      Brightness +/-

      volume/Brightness Mode

      Compact  and Comfortable

      The ergonomics of Cinera Edge smartly shift more weight to its sides, taking the pressure off the front part. This makes long sessions of